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Popular Mobile Home Foundation Problems And How To Repair Them

Popular Mobile Home Foundation Problems And How To Repair Them

 The foundation is what a mobile home normally sits on after it has been delivered to you. In most cases, it is made up of slabs or runners and the piers or blocks that are used in holding the home up.

This mainly involves some proper anchoring so that it will be able to hold the home in place until the time when you decide to relocate.

There are four main types of mobile home foundations and they are the runner foundation, footer foundation, pad or slab foundation, and basement foundation.

One thing that should be noted at all times is that the placement of the piers is very critical since it allows for the proper distribution of weight and later leveling of the same weight. 

It is also important to know all the common signs you should look out for in the foundation of your mobile home so that you would be able to tackle any situation before it gets bigger.

This should be taken seriously since it could cost less to solve the problem earlier than waiting for it to get bigger.

Once you observe that your floor has become even suddenly and even sloping to one side, you will have to run some checks on the foundation to see what is going on.

You could spot some separation between your wall and the floor in most instances. You could also see that some cracks or displacement are molding along with some bowing or cracks in the walls.

The doors and the window in the mobile home will not be closing and opening properly as they did before.

This could depend on the kind of material that was used for the flooring. You could also start seeing some cracks in the floor tiles and the floor without any explanation.

The windows and the doors in the mobile in the home will begin separating as well. You could also start seeing some cracks and bowing in the walls and this could also depend on the material that was used in making the walls of the mobile home.

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This will be due to the lack of stability at the ground level of the mobile home. In some extreme cases, you could end up seeing the walls of your mobile home separating from the house along with a drastic increase in the spaces in the ceiling.

This is one of the scariest signs that your foundations need an inspection and repair at that point. 

Although it is not likely that you will see all the signs mentioned above at the same time, you will probably see about two of them if there is a problem with your foundation.

Below are some mobile home foundation repairs that you should consider taking a look at if you have experienced any of the abovementioned signs before.

Mobile Home Foundation Problems And How To Repair Them

If your mobile home uses a slab of concrete as its foundation, the foundation may have probably developed the ‘hairline crack’.

As a mobile homeowner, you should always make sure to take a physical look at your mobile home from time to time so that you will be able to make out these cracks in time.

Once you notice such problems in their early stages, you can clean out the crack and then get it filled with epoxy glue or any other such material that you may have at that moment that was made for such work.

You will also need to install some injection ports into the cracks so that it will be easy for the epoxy glue to seep deeper into the crack and seal it up.

Although you can carry out what has just been discussed, you should still make sure to contact a home repair shop and see what other recommendations they would come up with that could be used instead of the epoxy glue. 

Before laying out the foundation for your mobile home, it is very important to be able to determine the load-bearing capacity of the soil so that you will be able to get a stable foundation.

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If the building contractor who was in charge of the project did not compact the soil to get it stabilized, the soil may begin sloping in one direction and this could cause some serious structural damage to your mobile home.

To avoid such problems, it is advisable to undertake ’slab jacking’. What this means is that you float the soil back to its original state by raising the side of the slab that has slanted.

You can get this done by drilling some holes into the slab and then pouring some chemical that turns into polyurethane foam. This is a waterproof foam that can expand and lift the slab into its original position before the slanting.

Another method that can be quite effective in solving the problem of the mobile home foundation is through the use of piers.

However, this method can be quite complicated. The ground around the areas that have been affected will have to be excavated before the work can be done.

The piers will then be placed at various strategic points underneath the mobile home foundation.

The mobile home will be lifted hydraulically into the position you want before it gets locked in place.

A special hydraulic cement is then injected into the shafts of the pier to give it further strength.

Grout is also injected underneath the piers so that they can provide the piers with some additional strength and stability.

After all of this had been completed, the earth was excavated then filled back in place and compacted thoroughly against the foundation so that maximum stability could be assured.

So these are some of the methods through which you can repair the foundation of a mobile home.

However, it is unlikely that you will be able to do all these on your own. That is why we always give the professional a call when we meet in situations like this.

Best Mobile Home Foundation Repair Companies

Below are some companies that can take care of the foundation repairs of your mobile home.

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These companies have experience in the mobile home business and can assist you with anything concerning the foundation of your mobile home.

Master Restoration

This is a company that understands the devastating losses that can be caused by water, fire, and wind.

Working with them is hassle-free since they understand exactly why they were called and what they are doing on your property.

Master Restoration will be able to renovate and repair your mobile home foundation expertly. They can be found in Tampa, Florida, and Orlando. 

  • Contact: 727-433-1474

Marathon Services

This is another company that can take care of the foundation repairs of your mobile expertly, giving you nothing to worry about at all when you work with them.

They provide superior customer experience and value for customers. This is a family-owned business with over 150 years of experience in the mobile home business.

  • Contact: 813-621-8566

ACM Engineering & Mobile Home

ACM Engineering & Mobile Home is another company that has years of experience in the mobile home business and offers the best of services to clients.

They can take care of the repair of your mobile home’s foundation without any traces of mistakes.

  • Contact: +1 727-504-0351

Bull Moving

Bull Moving is a family-owned business based in the city of Tampa and offers its services to all the residents of Florida. The company specializes in the moving of residential homes and has employees who are all full-time and well-mannered.

  • Contact: 813-943-6043 


So, ladies and gentlemen, these are some of the ways through which you can get the foundation of your mobile home repaired once you realize that there is a problem with it.

You should not wait until you see your wall parting ways with the mobile home before you know that you need some repairs done.

Take action as soon as you spot any of the signs that were listed above in this article. 

So you now know what to do and how to spot signs that the foundation of your mobile home may be faulty.

As mentioned, always make sure to take immediate action when you see any of the signs mentioned above so that the problems do not turn out to become bigger ones that will cost you more money to repair.

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